Project of social-legal services

A. Socio-Legal service project for the advising of local groups in human rights in a closed and open environment.

In a closed environment: Penitentiary

The work of legal accompaniment in prisons has been a constant since the beginning of the FICAT Foundation in 1996, even before the formal constitution as a foundation in 2000. People who have been deprived of their liberty have always been supported in collaboration with other entities and professionals of the Youth Penitentiary Center (Barcelona, La Roca del Valles) ensuring professionalized weekly presence that detect the presence of defenselessness. We develop a work of legal attention, prevention, and training in the defense of the rights of persons deprived of liberty and especially those who do not have any kind of family or social ties. It is a totally free service.

The services that are currently underway are:

  • Legal accompaniment in the Youth Penitentiary Center of La Roca del Valles.
  • Legal accompaniment to trials

In open environment: Individually or by agreement

The services that are currently underway are:
  • Legal advice to the users of EICA Association
  • Preventative counseling for unaccompanied immigrant youth in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona
The socio-legal service offers personalized and individual attention going beyond reception or simple advice. Attempts are made to provide comprehensive advice, in an empathetic manner, a seizure that allows the recipient to understand the consequences of initiating or not a judicial proceeding or an immigration procedure and that the recipient themself is responsible for the procedures to be carried out and consequences of their actions. In Addition, if applicable, the recipient is informed about the procedures and requirements necessary to be able to benefit from the right to Free Legal Assistance. We also try to establish a link with the community, offering existing resources in the recipient´s neighborhood of residence, making them aware of their rights and obligations, so that they enjoy their status as a citizen.

B. B. The Abogar project is designed to provide legal assistance to individuals or groups with local, national, European or international legal issues, always related to the defense of equity, justice, and human rights, in order to consider legal actions that are suitable in each case and before the public, private, and/or judicial administrative instances that are suitable.

This project involves a specific level of technical-legal complexity and specialization of the professionals who carry it out, so is it always connected to theoretical activities of study, analysis and legal research.

The Abogar project is designed for pioneering legal initiatives that provide solutions to legal needs not covered by society.

C. C. Provision of socio-legal services to the CEESC –College of Educators and Social Educators of Catalonia.

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